What We Love: Think Dirty App

In this day and age, we worry about all the reports we hear about toxins in our bodies, and the havoc they can wreak. The doctors here at Balance Point have had it on their radar all week in relation to patients they are seeing.

What we like this week is a FREE app called Think Dirty. It got 4 ½ stars in the Apple App Store and is loaded with great info and features. It was even mentioned on the TED Blog (Don’t know about TED Talks? I will cover that soon!) in the article 25+ Apps to Make Your  Everyday Life Easier.

It is simply a comprehensive barcode scanner app that you can use to find the toxicity of everyday items you use on your body. You can keep a “Bathroom Shelf” list and use it to clean up your shopping list. It gives you an easy to use Dirty Meter ® and even recommends better products. If you are Amazon Prime junkies, like us, you can zoom right to Amazon to make purchases!

Within minutes of using the app and reporting items not in the 305,000 items on tap, I was offered rewards! There are ads, but they are to be expected (and rather unobtrusive) for a free app. I earned a free audiobook on Audible. Cool. I only wish apps like this showed up on the “Top Charts” instead of games and photo tricks!

Bad news, only iPhone users need apply…but they are working on a version for Android which will hopefully be out soon!