Dr. Aaron grew up in Wilton, NH. He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine from New York Chiropractic College and is a licensed chiropractor. He earned a second doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bridgeport University in CT, and is in the process of studying for his naturopathic medical licensing exams. He earned a Bachelor of Professional Studies with a concentration in Human Biology also from New York Chiropractic College, and holds an Associate of Science in Physical Therapy from Hesser College. He is also trained in Craniosacral therapy, Nutrition Response Therapy and many other techniques. 

He enjoys working with people of all ages.  His down to earth, warm style and amazingly diverse education and expertise, make him an exceptional doctor with many devoted patients! He investigates the whole body, not just the spine, and with his deep knowledge of physical therapy he knows when something is coming from the muscles and will recommend stretches or specific exercises to restore balance and deal with the cause of the pain. Sometimes pain is because a muscle is too tight, even one muscle that has shortened can throw off your whole body. Having a chiropractor who has the whole body of knowledge of physical therapy is extremely rare and is one of the things that makes Dr. Aaron stand out from other chiropractors. 

Dr. Aaron, as he likes to be called,  has many tools to help treat and prevent pain, stiffness, weakness, and other causes of pain. He helps you strengthen your body where it's weak,  stretch it where it is tight, and give you effective strategies to prevent problems from coming back.  All to keep you moving, working and able to live your life the way you want to.

Are you looking for relief from any of the following?

  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Migraines, Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Immune strengthening, to avoid getting sick. 
  • Ear infections
  • Tendonitis, shoulder pain, hip pain, wrist pain, neck pain
  • Neck and back pain
  • Weight loss (Dr. Aaron has lost over 110lbs)
  • Digestive health, heartburn/GERD, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Injury prevention
  • Positional, ergonomic improvement to prevent pain and injury from repetitive motion jobs (lots of computer time), heavy physical labor, or repetitive factory work. 

Dr. Aaron will be at Chiropractic Naturally, 10 Northern Blvd., Amherst, NH, telephone 603-886-8900, as of January 2017. He can be contacted directly at draaron219@gmail.com 


Dr. Aaron Howard, Holistic Chiropractor 

Dr. Aaron Howard, Holistic Chiropractor 

I recently went to see Dr. Aaron Howard and I was so impressed by his knowledge. He listened attentively and offered suggestions for supplements that are really working. He adjusted my hips and back so expertly with awareness of my Ehlers-Danlos, genetic connective tissue disorder. I recommend him highly to anyone looking for an amazing doctor.
— Rachel C., Arlington, MA
Dr. Aaron is so intelligent, so refreshing. He immediately created a connection with our 10 year old son as he is extremely approachable and has a genuine sense of peace and calm about him. We cannot say enough about him, he is really AMAZING!!
— Nikki T., Merrimack, NH
My two boys have been plagued for over a decade with medical problems, from rashes, stomach problems, depression, headaches, fatigue and more. They have seen many pediatricians and specialists with only standard rhetoric and no improvements. Dr. Howard took the time to assess each child, he made them feel comfortable so they would open up to him which was especially helpful with my 15 year old. I cannot recommend Dr. Howard enough!
— Jennifer C., Pelham, NH