Solution Focused Chiropractic and Wellness Medicine

 Let us help you feel like yourself again. Our doctors have decades of training and experience in helping people get the health they want. Our Multidisciplinary team consists of a Holistic Chiropractor, an Integrative Medical Doctor, and a Naturopathic Doctor.


  • Dr. Aaron Howard, Holistic Chiropractor, offers innovative Chiropractic Wellness Programs, that are affordable and convenient to get you in and out quickly. Drop in early and get a great start to your day!

  • Dr. Heather Tallman Ruhm,  Integrative Medical Doctor,  designs individual cleansing and detoxification programs designed for your specific goals, from anti-ageing to athletic performance enhancement and improving digestive function.

  • Dr. Christine Doherty, Naturopathic Doctor, works to improve quality of life for people with Celiac disease, and other challenging digestive conditions.

Our doctors listen, and find solutions to help resolve your health challenges. To get you living as pain and symptom free as possible!