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Our clinic is located in a historic building in Milford, NH. We are open six days a week and have evening hours.


A complete nutritional supplement system for those with gluten intolerance issues. Please click here to purchase or for more information.


Discover a place where treatment is based on your individual needs. We treat everyone with compassion and caring, working towards uncovering and treating underlying causes, not just masking symptoms with pills. We work by enhancing your body’s innate healing systems using gentle natural therapies including acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine and supplements as an essential part of restoring balance and wellbeing.  Balance Point Natural Medicine is the office of Dr. Christine Doherty, licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Sean Doherty, licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.

Christine and Sean Doherty both offer a unique perspective derived from their own personal experience with serious illness, chronic pain and infertility. Christine Doherty is a recognized expert in the natural medicine approach to celiac disease, gluten intolerance and food allergies. She focuses on uncovering hidden obstacles like food allergies and nutritional deficiencies and focuses on clinical results, which equals you feeling better and enjoying improved quality of life. Sean Doherty uses Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, custom Chinese herbal formulas medicine to help couples achieve successful pregnancies. He also helps women balance hormones in the menopausal phases, and excels at assisting individuals in reducing their pain and resolving orthopedic problems.

Our clinic is not your typical medical office; it is located in a beautiful Colonial, originally built in the 1780’s, featuring exposed hand hewn beams, serene, private acupuncture rooms and a homey, comforting atmosphere. We have lots of free parking on site and are easy to locate on route 101A (Nashua Street) in Milford, New Hampshire. We are a straight shot up 101A from the interstate for those coming from outside of New Hampshire.

We focus on decreasing suffering and improving your quality of life. We have worked with thousands of patients from all over the United States and the World. We believe in cooperating with other practitioners, which has made us the trusted choice of many medical doctors and other health professionals for referrals, their own care and the care of their families.

Whether your goal is to get pregnant or to recover your health, call us today at 603-672-3600 to make an appointment. We are highly specialized and very busy so we only work with patients within our specialties or by referral.  We look forward to serving you.

We do bill some insurance plans for Acupuncture. Please check with your insurance provider prior to making an appointment to make sure your plan has this benefit. We cannot bill for Naturopathic medicine as it is not currently covered by insurance in New Hampshire. Thank you.

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