Unlock your Health Potential



Welcome to Balance Point Natural Medicine

Since 1999 our clinic has been working to help people find the answers they need to uncover the cause of their health issues, and then together work to discover treatment tools that get you back to a balanced healthy life.

We believe that extraordinary health is possible, and that you can thrive again…naturally.

Unlocking the hidden causes of your issues  such as digestive, nutritional, chiropratic, or genetic — and not just masking the symptoms is the key to making lasting improvements in your health.

We look at the big picture to see the trends in your overall health through a thorough review of your history, a physical exam, some testing, and diet review to find the best approach to re-establish balance in your whole body. 

We’re innovative thinkers who are not constrained by how the world thinks things should be. We listen to people, and frequently make connections between symptoms that are seemingly unconnected, but are truly part of the bigger picture. We then provide the tools that eliminate the symptoms at their root cause so that you can feel your best possible self.

Expertly. Efficiently. Naturally.