Solution Focused Medicine


Welcome to Balance Point Natural Medicine

 Working with one or more of our integrative medicine doctors-Dr. Aaron HowardDr. Heather Tallman Ruhm, and Dr. Christine Doherty, can help you find the answers you need to uncover the cause of your health issues, and then using their extensive training, they do an in depth health assessment and create an individualized treatment plan designed to help you restore and maintain your health. 

We know that often extraordinary health is possible, and that there are often very effective options beyond medications and surgery

Uncovering the hidden causes of your issues  such as digestive, nutritional, structural, or genetic — and not just masking the symptoms is the key to making lasting improvements in your health.

We look at the big picture to see the trends in your overall health through a thorough review of your history, a physical exam, some testing, and diet review to find the best approach to re-establish balance in your whole body. 

We’re innovative thinkers who are not constrained by how the world thinks things should be. We listen to people, and frequently make connections between symptoms that are seemingly unconnected, but that are often the keys to understanding the bigger picture. We then provide the treatment and tools that help you eliminate the symptoms at their root cause, so that you can feel like your best possible self.

Expertly. Compassionately. Naturally.